Excuses, excuses, and more excuses. They’re easy to make and

even easier to live by.

It's time for NO MORE EXCUSES.

Awakening Warrior Men's Retreat will challenge MEN to stop

making EXCUSES and to step up to become the Husband, Father

and Spiritual Leader we are called to be. 


We are bringing men together to ignite our hearts and passion for the Lord

through engaging worship and powerful messages by guest speakers

Mike Keahbone and Lance Lang.


The Retreat will be held on May 3rd-4th at

Cross Point Camp on Lake Texoma.


Cost of the Retreat is only $40.00 which includes a delicious 16oz

Ribeye Steak Dinner on Friday night, home cooked Breakfast on

Saturday morning plus (optional) lodging!

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Camp Fire




MAY 3rd-4th

START (Friday):  6:30pm

END (Saturday): 12:30pm





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Mike Keahbone

Mike Keahbone grew up in the small town of Elgin, Oklahoma. His father was a full-blood Cherokee and his mother was Comanche and Kiowa. Though he comes from a proud Native heritage, his family was ravaged by alcohol and drug addiction. As a “teenage mom,” Mike’s mother was in and out of his life and would eventually pass away at the age of 40 due to an alcohol related illness. Mike’s father was completely absent from his life.


Through all of the turmoil, pain and abandonment, there was hope. God put people in Mike’s life that would love him unconditionally and model the love of Jesus Christ for him. It was that love and example that would lead him to give his life to the Lord on November 1, 1990. It became clear to Mike that God had been with him through the storms of his life and that each and every circumstance was instrumental in shaping God’s plan for him. Mike has been called to preach the love, hope and comfort that can only come from the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Mike seeks to honor God and teach Scripture to all people. Mike combines deep and practical teaching of Scripture with relevant humor, stories, and principles for life change. God has gifted Mike with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that leads him to understand the needs of his audience and to say exactly what they need to hear through the truth of God’s Word. He inspires to provoke a passion for Scripture in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. As Mike explains, “God has given me a clear, passionate vision to fulfill the calling of Colossians 1:28, to present everyone perfect in Christ.”


Mike currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with his wife and three children and serves as the Senior Pastor at Cherokee Hills Baptist Church.

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Lance Lang

Lance Lang has devoted his life to inspiring hope in those suffering from addiction, sharing his own journey from addiction to brokenness to freedom. From growing up as a pastor’s son under the watchful eye of small-town America to leading a $30 million project management firm at the age of 25, pressure to perform and live up to others’ expectations was a way of life for Lance. As the heaviness of these burdens grew, Lance turned to drugs and alcohol to keep up, creating a years-long cycle of abuse and addiction that destroyed his hope and left him in a reclusive, depressive state he thought would be his life forever.


But God had a different plan.


Lance’s pull to sobriety is nothing short of a miracle. God pursued him and in a moment’s notice changed everything in his life. Since getting clean & sober in April of 2011, Lance has gone on to inspire thousands of others to do the same.


In October of 2012, Lance founded Hope is Alive Ministries. Today HIA has eight homes filled with men and women working to restore their lives. He has written four books and tells his story hundreds of times each year all across the country.


Lance works as a recovery coach to professionals stuck in addiction. Find out more about that process. Lance speaks in churches, at conferences, men’s event and to recovery facilities hundreds of times each year. Lance’s books have helped thousands of parents, addicts and love-ones find hope and freedom. 



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Awakening Warrior Men's Retreat 2019

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